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Ulysse Nardin

When Rolf Schnyder picked up Ulysse Nardin in '83, the enterprise swiftly increased its profile and collector's eyebrows aided by the first piece in its Trilogy of Time, an acclaimed series of astronomical timepieces. Well over Twenty-five years down the road, Ulysse Nardin finds determination repeatedly in the heavenly firmament for the Moonstruck, a wrist watch that reflects the moon's various effects on earth. Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, who was awarded the Special Jury Prize not too long ago at the Grand Prix Horlogrie in Geneva, came up with the Moonstruck's complex UN-106 movement. His design offers an accurate depiction of the moon's phases, but unlike other lunar indicators, the Moonstruck goes a step further by stimulating the moon and sun's relation to the planet. The complication also permits one to surmise today's moon-phase for just about any location on the planet.

The Replica Watch also mentioned the impact of lunar and solar gravitation on tides, showing their effects in relation to coastlines and oceans. For that matter, the Moonstruck is the first timepieces in the world to indicate the gravitational affects of both the moon and the sun. Adding another layer of performance, the wristwatch consists of pushers that swiftly fine-tune the hour hand forward and backward to allow timezones modifications.

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