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Bell & Ross

In the early 1990, a group of manufacturers and professionals of aircraft controls joined forces to work on the same project: to become area of the great Swiss watch making tradition while meeting the requirements of professionals facing excessive circumstances. You will find trades which need someone to bear extreme temperature ranges, undergo violent accelerations, or resist dangerous pressures. Bell & Ross studies these extreme situations with folks that experience them: aircraft pilots, scuba divers, astronauts and explosive device disposal specialists professionals for whom a wristwatch must not only be a tool to provide them in their objectives, but a friend at all moments. To make sure that a watch perfectly meets the expectations of its users, Bell & Ross Replica Manufactuers gathers men with complementary know-how. United around a unique project to produce a utility watch master watchmakers, engineers, designers and professional users have combined their experience and expertise.Their solitary slogan:The primary is not compromised by the superfluous.

In the past along with each new success, Bell & Ross Replica Timepieces has produced a selective community of 500 points of sale in 50 countries around the world globally. Bell & Ross has thus turned into a reference point in the exclusive whole world of pros, collectors and fine Swiss watch producing. Developed for experts who need instruments with optimum consistency, Bell & Ross wristwatches correspond to 4 essential principles: Legibility, Performance, Precision and Credibility. Since 1996, Bell & Ross has designed in its own construction unit in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. It is there that each the master watchmakers produce, assemble and carry out the supreme modifications to Bell & Ross watches. Regardless of the watch's technical complexity, the art is unveiled in the precision of the proportions, the rigor of the controls along with the care directed at each and every work stage

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